A Change Is Gonna Come

I'm pretty sure this is what Sam Cooke had in mind when he coined those words.

With a recent redesign by friend and fellow blogger Brittany, I decided that my little corner of the internet could use a face-lift since it’s inception over six months ago. To be sure, it was just minor cosmetic surgery, as almost all of the original elements are still intact. And at least to the naked eye, it would seem as if nothing save for the color scheme changed at all. But for the obsessive compulsive (i.e. me), design is truly in the details. Almost all of the elements have actually been modified in one small way or another, most just to minute degrees only visible to the utterly insane. For you see, instead of actually updating this blog with any sort of regularity, I end up spending all of my time tinkering with the "Layout" tab on Blogger until everything looks right. And then I wake up the next day and go right back to playing with it some more.

And so with that, and no further interruption, I am pleased to announce the first-ever Travel Breeds Content Reader Participation Survey!

Change has never looked so...ordinary (at least since Obama took office). It's almost as thrilling as scrolling up and looking at the top of this page!

Is the new template a revelation? Should I stick with the original? Didn't even notice? Couldn't care less? Whaddya think? I want to hear from you!